Explore The Unknown

We like to watch movies because we want entertainment. Life is so full of stress that it gives us a chance to sit back and relax. Through film, we can explore the world differently and realistically. Movies allow us to escape into a different world and the new world we have escaped to is the perfect one for us. It is ideal because it is just the way we want it to be. Movies broaden our perspectives and give us a broader vision.

What Is Cinema?

Cinema is like a magnifying glass. It is like a window that we can look out of and peer into a different world. The new world is full of wonders and excitement. It invokes our curiosity. We love movies because they help us escape from reality and explore an exciting world of liking where everything is perfect.

The Different Types of Movies

There are many different types of movies. Some of the different types are:

Action movies

Action movies are packed with action and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. They will have daring adventures and escapes, martial arts, rescues, fights, disasters, etc. The protagonist takes risks and almost always emerges victorious.


These movies are also full of action, but there will not be any fighting and violence, unlike action movies. These movies are only full of explorations and dramatic adventures.


These movies consist of light-hearted drama to keep you entertained.


Crime revolves around the actions of gangsters and criminals. There are power struggles and destruction.


Drama is semi-fiction. There are struggles like poverty and corruption.


These movies take the audience to an imaginary world.


Historical dramas are based on past events and are in the form of memoirs and autobiographies.


Horror movies will make your hair stand on end. They can be unsettling and disturbing.


These movies are sweet. They are a combination of songs and music.


These movies are full of suspense. The main aim of these movies is to bring uncertainty to the viewers.

Some of the Popular Movies on Each Category


Mission Impossible, The James Bond Series


Jurassic World, Mad Max


Trouble in Paradise, Knight and Day, The Mask


The Godfather, The Dark Knight


The Good Earth


The Harry Potter Series, Twilight


Joan of Arc, Brave Heart


The Conjuring


The Sound of Music, The King and I


Memories of Murder, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Why Do We Like Watching The Kind of Movies We Watch?

There are different reasons why we prefer a certain kind of movie. It depends on how various circumstances have influenced our lives. For example, if we like horror movies, it could be because we know that even though they scare us, they cannot harm us. This movies makes us feel like we are in control of bad situations.

Different people respond to stress in different ways. Our choice of movies has a lot to do with that.


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